Vision For America

Americans have always had a vision:  beginning with simply freedom and opportunity.  New frontiers and westward expansion fueled the imagination of our forefathers.  Today we find ourselves with no frontier and no national vision.  America has been reduced to a multitude of “groups”, each seeking their own agenda and accumulating power.  Devoid of any sense of unity, America has become a pendulum swinging forward and back.

Jared Blankenship

We are Americans.  As a group we may disagree upon every point and every issue, but we the people always stand for America.  The health, security, and future of our nation must once again overshadow personal gain.  Ensuring the future for our children must be of greater value than political credit. 
We the people need not look to Washington for vision and purpose.  We still remember what made America great:  Freedom.  We the American people again declare our independence.

We declare our independence from the bondage of debt.  We declare a national goal to eliminate our debt thus insuring the security and future of our nation.  No other objective has more direct impact upon every American citizen for multiple generations.

We declare our independence from the shackles of foreign resources.  We will no longer compromise the security of our nation for convenience.  We will responsibly utilize our own resources and actively pursue alternative energy sources, not because it is politically correct, but because we will no longer be held hostage by foreign interests.

We declare our independence from the control of political agenda.  We demand honesty, integrity, and accountability in our leadership.  We will no longer be bound by the convention of Washington or mislead by the rhetoric of partisanship.

Despite our differences, we are Americans first.  The strength of this nation has always been measured by the will of its people.  In times past, a nation of diverse culture and opinion united to defeat multiple enemies and overcome internal strife with nothing more than common purpose.  We are no more diverse or divided today.  If Washington cannot demonstrate the vision or leadership to guide America in common purpose, then WE THE PEOPLE will reclaim our proper role in this nation.  The voice of many will once again become one in determining the course of America.