The Economic Solution

You and I, as Americans want results.  We are tired of talking about doing something.  We are tired of band-aid approaches.  We are sick of working just to serve Washington.  I am being blunt, but we are out of time.  Here is the solution without the rhetoric.  Step one:

Jared Blankenship

WE THE PEOPLE must demand that our Federal Government immediately implement a 15% cut across the entire budget.  Yes, I did say the entire budget.  We understand by now that no elected official is going to place themselves in the position of choosing which programs receive cutbacks and which do not.  Pick the wrong one and you are suddenly an enemy of the environment, the working class, or the elderly.   Now we understand why government programs are like luggage.  You live with it forever.  We must eliminate that choice by demanding that the entire budget be cut. 

WE THE PEOPLE must demand that Washington next examine every department and every program for waste and fraud.  Every election season this issue comes forward.  Candidates promise to deal with waste and fraud but are soon distracted by more important issues.  Perhaps I am wrong, but theft from the American people seems fairly important to me.  They say that it will not amount to that much money and is hardly worth the effort.  When you find a twenty dollar bill in your coat pocket, do you leave it there? 

WE THE PEOPLE must demand that the Federal bureaucracy be streamlined.  We must face the fact that BIG government is inefficient. For every dollar that we send to Washington, 15-20 cents are consumed by the individual bureaucracies.  Another 10-15 cents are used at the state level.  By the time that money reaches the program recipient, only 65-70 cents are left to achieve the intended purpose.  How is that for a return on your investment? 
There are entire departments and programs which may be cut in half or eliminated with little or no impact upon individual Americans.  There are programs which have no proven results in their intended purpose.  They have been absolute failures yet they remain.  If I can manage my business with less, Washington can do the same.

Everything we have discussed thus far could be started tomorrow and must be started soon.  This is but step one in a long process of recovery.  This is the easy step.  It has taken decades to reach this point and will likely take that long to recover unless we become very serious.  Serious does not mean simply talking about our debt.  Serious does not mean cutting token programs to pacify angry American citizens until they can otherwise be distracted.  I will not be distracted.  My children want something left of America.

Jared Blankenship

Here is serious:

  1. Reform Social Security.
  2. Reform Medicare
  3. Reform Medicaid

I know that these are sensitive issues to many Americans.  My grandmother is 97 years old.  I know how she voted in the last 3 presidential elections.   She expects a promise to be kept.  Unfortunately, due to gross mismanagement and expansion, that promise now impacts multiple generations:  one receiving, one funding in part, and one which will pay the interest due.  We can no longer ignore the impact upon America.  To do nothing guarantees that the promise of America means nothing to anybody. 

There are options.  Increase the retirement age.  Block grant Medicaid.  Increase Medicare premiums and deductibles.  Enact tort reform.  Cut state and local grants.  Some choices are better than others and real experts in the field have proposed plans which reduce the burden yet still maintain the intent of these programs which affect so many Americans.

This discussion has long been considered a death warrant to any political career.  Thank God that I have a real job, because the failure to have this discussion will be the death warrant for the economic security and the very future of America.