Unemployment Issues

The Federal government is the greatest obstacle to employment in this nation.  I know that is simple and blunt but band aids are better removed quickly.  Washington has seen private business as nothing more than an endless stream of revenue.  They have used private industry as a testing ground for political agenda.  They have placed upon American business greater regulation and restriction than that of any foreign dictator.  In short, Washington has forgotten the vital role of business in America.  Private business generates jobs for American citizens. 

Jared Blankenship

I do not want to hear about creating jobs.  They may as well tell the truth.   They are making up jobs so that you or I may receive a paycheck.  They "create" those jobs by growing government.  In effect, my own taxes are funding my paycheck.  We just need to spend more so that we can make more.  Wait, have we not heard that before? 

Americans need jobs that are the natural result of freedom and success.  We need jobs which are the result of financial success: profit.  We need jobs which result from innovation and expansion.  We need jobs which are a direct result of the pursuit of the American Dream.

Washington is not the source of employment in America.  Washington cannot "create" jobs which benefit America.  The American people have spent upwards of $800 billion dollars to stimulate the economy and "create" jobs.  Our "investment" has done nothing to improve an unemployment rate of nearly 10%.  It has done nothing more than allow some workers to stay at home a few more months and businesses to wonder when the next by tax bite will be.  Washington has lost the recipe for success.  Here is a reminder.

Get out of the way.  Reduce regulation and interference in private industry.  Lower tax rates and allow dependability in government.  Step back and allow American business to do what it does best:  generate profit for both employer and employee.  Allow an environment where Americans are no longer looking over their shoulder to see what government is about to do to them.

We still believe in American initiative, ambition, and the mutual benefits of profit.  We still believe in the economic powerhouse of American business whether large or small, even if Washington does not.