Second Amendment

While nearly every aspect of our Constitution has been subject to critical review from the progressive left, none has fallen under attack as severely and as continuously as the Second Amendment. The right of the people to keep and to bear arms is clear and absolute, and in the words of the founders, not to be infringed.

The wisdom of the founders is evident within this fundamental right of the people. The freedom of our nation could scarcely have been achieved nor its security maintained without this right. The founders recognized not simply the liberty of but also the need for an armed citizenry. Citizens clinging to freedom would be the last line of defense against despotism.

Today it is claimed that a modern society, with a well maintained military has no need for the primitive concept of a militia. Therefore, the average citizen has no need to use or possess a firearm. This argument is based upon a false premise. Read carefully the Constitution and you will clearly see the founder's intent was not the perpetual maintenance of any militia but rather the capability of establishing a militia should the future need arise. Our founders rightfully placed much less trust in any government than those who would call for the disarming of law-abiding citizens. It was their own experience and understanding of the nature of government which motivated the preservation of the security of a free state by guaranteeing that the right of the people to keep and bear arms should not be infringed.

America's gun owners have already made great compromise. We have, grudgingly or not, consented to background checks, waiting periods, and licensing bureaucracy. Understanding the desire to prevent the unlawful use of firearms, we have worked in good faith along side those of opposing viewpoints. Unfortunately we have found that our compromise is never enough. Their object remains to abolish our Second Amendment Rights.

Removing firearms from the hands of lawful citizens guarantees that America is defenseless against lawlessness. Our nation's conflict is with those who are lawless, not with the instrument of that lawlessness. There has always been, and will always be, crime in any society. Targeting the tools employed within the crime does nothing but moderate the accountability of the individual who has violated the laws of our nation. Our contempt should be reserved for those who would live outside the bounds of law and order.

America's gun owners can make no further compromise. We now understand the true nature of our opposition. We will stand and defend our Constitution and our fundamental right to bear arms. We will tolerate no further infringement upon those absolute and inalienable rights. We, as our forefathers, will preserve America.