Foreign Policy Issues

Have you apologized for America today? Have you felt guilty about being an American citizen lately? Then you must be from the backward part of America. Welcome to Washington.

We are proud of our nation. We are proud to be called Americans, regardless of our leadership’s apologies. Despite legitimate flaws and failures, we recognize the role of America in world affairs. Our nation bears great responsibility to uphold and defend liberty. America is a superpower. For that we offer no apology.

Despite the rhetoric, foreign policy is nothing more than an extension of our national interest. What is in the best interest of America and her citizens? That must be the primary consideration in any issue upon the world stage. While the politics of the world may be complex, the position of America should always be clear.

The need to preserve and defend freedom has not ended in a modern age. We are not without enemies. Zealots, both political and religious, seek to destroy freedom. We refuse to secure our own borders. We hesitate to speak of our own national interests. We are ashamed to pursue the benefit of our own nation. We will not even defend the economic interests of our own citizens in the face of international scrutiny. How can the nations of the world see America as anything other than weak?

America must reclaim her role of leadership in the world. No longer can America be seen by the world as the wavering giant; unsure of its purpose, divided within, and unresponsive to threat.

Our purpose must be the preservation of liberty, first of our own nation and secondly our allies and friends. Within this purpose, we must realize that liberty must be desired and achieved by the very citizens of a particular nation and not merely an American ambition. Freedom cannot be viewed as a free gift or it has no value. We as a nation may assist, but have repeatedly proven the foolishness of nation building. Liberty will prevail in Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt, Libya, Syria and a myriad of other nations only when it burns in the hearts of those citizens and is won through committed effort. America cannot impose liberty without undermining the very principles of liberty. Our founders were correct in their position that America’s greatest contribution to the world would be as a shining example of liberty for the world.

Our nation must not be divided in our own pursuit of liberty. We offer little hope to the world as we destroy our own nation from within, both economically and socially. The former Soviet Union fell not because the Soviet people desired an American form of government, regulation or bureaucracy, but rather because they demanded the personal and economic freedoms which they witnessed in the individual lives of American citizens.

Our nation must recognize the real threats to our way of life. Unstable dictatorships such as Iran and North Korea present an evident danger as they pursue nuclear weapons. Others will arise. China represents an economic threat to our nation as they pursue their own economic interests. Even an undeclared trade war is still a negative to American business. Economic threats to America must be viewed with the same gravity as military threats, as both seek to end our liberty and our way of life.

Those who cast aside the responsibilities of this nation presume the natural continuation of liberty. Those who forget the great price which has been paid for our freedoms, risk the loss of that freedom. Those who deny the ongoing cost of freedom diminish the value of liberty. We will not forget and we will not accept that loss.