Faith and Family - What makes America Great

While the focus of this election may very well be the economy, the left has not stopped their relentless efforts to push their radical social agenda on our kids, our families and our culture. Therefore, every conservative, value minded American must be ever vigilant in their defense of the traditional Judeo/Christian values that this great nation was founded upon.

A great deal of our budget goes toward addressing social problems. In the end, every candidate will be evaluated, not only by their plans but also by who he or she truly is. Conviction and backbone still matter to Americans, whether they agree upon every issue or not. As a voter, you need to understand my core beliefs that will not change with the wind.

Science has proven that a fetus is a living and separate human being apart from its mother. The debate now revolves around when does a mother’s desire to abort her child supersede the constitutionally protected rights of her unborn child.

I am absolutely, 100%, pro-life. Personally, I am not interested in entertaining loop-holes or exemptions. For very personal reasons, I will always fall on the side of life. Life is the gift of our Creator and bears great responsibility and often tough choices.

I am absolutely opposed to any form of same-sex-marriage. I oppose any attempt to redefine the sacred institution of marriage. I will always maintain that a marriage is composed of a man and a woman as God and nature intended. As a matter of personal conscience, I cannot even support the choice of lifestyle. While some may find this honesty disturbing, my personal beliefs matter very little in the resolution of this matter. We still live in America.

I recognize that these positions fall heavily upon religious lines. As a Christian, I must ask myself the same question that I would pose to those who support abortion or gay and lesbian lifestyles. What do we want from the Federal government? Do we seek legitimacy, credibility, and endorsement or simply the Constitutional guarantee of our freedoms? I choose the latter.

As a Christian, I do not desire assistance from the Federal government to promote my personal beliefs. I do not require their recognition of my beliefs to give them validity. I am personally offended by the notion that a moral position needs the backing of Washington to be effectual, no matter which side you fall. If there is argument to be won, it will be won in our homes and communities and in the hearts and minds of the individual. No one's morality has ever been effectively legislated by government. The Federal government cannot and never will be capable of satisfying this argument to the satisfaction of its citizens. To fall on one side or the other promotes the freedom of one group while the other is oppressed. This creates a divide within our nation which threatens our very freedom.

There is only one appropriate solution. There is only one Constitutional solution. The Federal government must allow, in accordance with the founder's intent, the individual states to address all matters of social and domestic importance. Only the individual states may reach a resolution which is acceptable to the majority of its own citizens. Doing so not only allows the diversity of our nation to be heard but also secures our individual freedom. If I find myself in the minority within my own state, I still retain the freedom of choice. I may accept the majority position, endeavor to change the majority position, or I may choose to reside within a state which upholds my own personal position. In either case, Washington has not made my decision for me.