Environmental Issues

Americans want clean air and water.  Americans demand that individuals and businesses act responsibly concerning the natural environment.  Most Americans are in agreement upon these two points; however, that is where the consensus ends.

Jared Blankenship

I am an environmentalist but I will never receive any award or credit for such.  I am a third generation conservationist who has maintained a tradition of caring for the land.  The support of my family is dependant upon the delicate balance of nature. Yet I am the enemy to the environment.  Why?  Quite simply, I refuse to believe that saving the planet means completely removing the influence of mankind on nature.  I still believe that man has a place in nature.

As a Christian, I believe that man was placed in dominion over nature for its care and use.  I believe that we have the God given right to use the resources of nature responsibly.  I believe that nature was created for mankind rather than man to serve the natural world.  I realize that this conviction places me on the wrong side of much of the environmental movement in this country.  However, that same conviction places me on the right side of the majority of Americans. 

We will not tolerate the blatant abuse of nature, but neither will we accept the destruction of economy, production, and the independence of America to pursue a false premise.  We will not blindly follow a path littered with faulty science and political agenda toward unachievable goals.  We cannot allow theory and speculation to become the greatest burden upon this nation or its economy.  Prove the theory and then convince the American people.

The EPA was created with the best of intentions; to promote clean air and water.  It has since evolved into a bureaucracy which exerts more authority than even the Congress.  No other Federal agency has more impact on business and industry.  The cost to American business is staggering and the benefit questionable.  No other single agency has more control over business, employment, security, and world affairs.  And it is done without a single vote from our representatives.  No single agency should be allowed to rule without consent of the people.

With responsible leadership, America can make use of its own resources, lead the world in innovation and conservation, and become independent of foreign entanglements.  Alternative energy in America is hindered most by environmental concerns.  With a little common sense and responsible management, we can achieve these goals and still allow America to prosper.  Man cannot live without impact on the environment, but never forget that man was created as a part of the natural world.  Will we become slaves to our environment or live as faithful stewards of nature?