Economic Issues

How do we balance the Federal Budget and solve the economic crisis of America?  This is the primary focus of the upcoming election.  I believe the answer is quite simple.  It is only Washington which thrives on complication. 

Jared Blankenship - Reclaiming America300 million American citizens approach their own budget and economy in exactly the same way.  They make choices.  They decide what they can spend based upon their resources.  The business world has a term which they apply to this concept.  It is called management.  We have been told that our current economic situation is the result of unexpected market conditions.  We have been led to believe that this economic “slump” is the result of some unforeseen calamity.  Do not be deceived, we understand that our debt and careless spending are the direct result of a decade of poor management!  No corporate CEO called before Congress is more culpable than our own elected officials, Republican or Democrat. 

Our current leadership claims to have heard our voice.  They have promised to respond to our concerns. The question for each of you is:  Do you believe or trust them?  They may have heard us, but do they really understand us?  Conventional leadership will often revert back to its own understanding.  Look at the results.  Conventional leadership has provided each of us with unimaginable debt and spending obligations which will be placed upon our grandchildren.  Conventional leadership has recently told us to spend more money when faced with economic uncertainty.  This is the real question:  Are these the people that you would want managing your own personal finances or your business’s finances?   Are these the folks you want managing your family’s money?  They are!

Our forefathers seemed to have understood basic economic principles.