Border Security and Immigration Issues

The most basic function of the Federal government as outlined by the Constitution is the defense of the borders of the United States of America.  I do not care how you paint the picture; Washington has been grossly negligent in this responsibility.  While those of us who live in border states have been concerned about an ongoing war spilling over the border, Congress has been more concerned about whether I am eating too many cheeseburgers.

Jared Blankenship

A secured border is quite simply a matter of national security.  How many tons of illegal drugs, guns, or worse will it take for Washington to recognize a clear threat to America?  How many American deaths must occur?  I find it absolutely shameful that we can ignore such a blatant affront to American sovereignty.  Are we so arrogant that we think that it is unnecessary to even attempt to secure our borders?  Is that laughter that I hear in the south and the middle-east?  Who can take seriously the sovereignty of a nation who refuses to protect its own citizens within their own country?

We must demand that our borders be secured.  We must reinforce local law enforcement and border patrol who are working alone in our interest.  We must utilize our National Guard forces to supplement their efforts.  With our technology, our capabilities, and our commitment this nation freed the Pacific of aggression and Europe of tyranny.  Can we not today contain our own borders?

We can accomplish the task but Washington lacks the will.  Our borders have become a political issue rather that a security issue.  The prospect of gained votes has become more important than lost lives. Wake up Washington.

I believe in freedom.  I believe in immigration.  I believe in advancing opportunity for others.  I believe most Americans agree.  Immigration to this country is part of our proud heritage.  WE THE PEOPLE support legal immigration.   We support a process by which those who most desire the American Dream are willing to actively pursue that goal by appropriate and legal means.  We oppose rewarding those who have strained our hospitals, schools, and social services by unlawful entry into this country.  Amnesty today promises a flood of illegal immigrants tomorrow.  We as American citizens welcome legal immigration, but we demand that the rule of law which we hold dear be enforced upon those who would lay claim to American freedom and opportunity.