Progress toward Ames

Our return from Iowa brings home strong commitment for the Ames Straw Poll.  We found a very receptive audience for our conservative, common-sense message.  We left the state with 60+ strong commitments and a very active and enthusiastic base who are adding daily to that number.  We found Iowans to be ready and willing to reclaim their nation against the tide of convention.  Our straightforward message simply makes sense to these hard working Americans.  They are seeking substance over style and reason over rhetoric.  As we organize our return trip in August, they are looking to the rest of the nation for others who are willing to stand with them and demand accountability and reason in our leadership.  These Iowans understand all too well what career politics has done to our nation and our future.  They are looking for the qualities of leadership which thrive in the real world in our businesses and families.  They have determined to stand upon well grounded principle rather than misguided convention.  I am looking forward to my return to Iowa and these American citizens who still believe in a government of the people and for the people.  The promise of America will not be handed back freely.  It must be reclaimed by those who are willing to stand and exert the effort to preserve our liberty and our future.

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