Campaign Iowa

As the Ames Straw Poll moves ever closer, we are daily meeting with groups of concerned citizens and voters to build support for our cause.  We are preparing our first mailing into Iowa targeting those families whose concerns and beliefs closely mirror our own.  We are not alone in this struggle.  Many others also hold dearly our love of God, family and nation.  Now is the time to unite and bring about a restoration of our freedoms and core beliefs.  We need each of you to actively go to work recruiting support for our cause.  We need you to make others believe that we can in fact make a difference as honest, hardworking taxpayers and citizens.  We still need financial support to complete our steps into Iowa.  The small sacrifice of those who love this nation can do unlimited good when we join in one voice.  Please consider financially supporting this campaign at whatever level you are able.  The time is now to make a difference in the future of our national conversation, our political process, and the very future of our nation.  Tomorrow may very well be too late.

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