Let’s make history.

With your help, we have the chance to make history.  What began as a campaign based upon faith and hope, now has the very real opportunity to grow into a national movement to reclaim America.  With our new campaign team on board and new-found support, we are pushing into Iowa.  With your help, we can make a difference in our future.  The Ames Straw Poll is in August and with your continued support, we will be there.  Our goal is to capture at least 3% of the vote in Ames, not only making history, but also taking this campaign from unknown to nationally recognized.  Doing so means your voice will be heard across our nation.  We have set a goal of raising $300,000 to compete in the Ames Iowa Straw Poll.  While this may sound trivial to the big-spenders on the campaign trail, we believe that doing so provides the opportunity for your voice to be unmistakable.  Many believe that only large contributions matter.  This is a grassroots effort and your support of $25, $50, or $100 does make a difference.  The push is on.  Please go to www.jaredblankenship.com and sign up for our campaign newsletter.  Consider financially supporting your role in history.  Like us on Facebook and tell your own friends exactly what kind of opportunity we the people have before us.  The moment is now to start reclaiming America.  Politicians have jeopardized our tomorrow.  How many can we recruit for the cause today?

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