What must get done?  What cannot be allowed to end?  What bills have to be paid?  These are questions that might very well be asked in any household across the U.S.  As families attempt to budget their lives, they first establish priorities.  Food, shelter, electricity, and fuel likely top the list.  No matter the circumstances, these things must take priority.  While this seems a fairly simple and reasonable approach, Washington seems to have never considered such.  While our borders are a joke, we fund Harry Reid’s cowboy poets.  While Americans are without jobs, we fund the EPA’s efforts to curtail business.  While American soldiers defend our freedom, we fund needle exchanges for drug addicts.  It is evident that it will require our voice to explain the budget process to Washington.  Start with what has to happen and work your way down.  When you run out of money you are done, no matter how noble the program or how many votes it might garner.

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