The hidden impact of Progressive policy

Long touted as the defenders of minority groups, the Democrats are in fact placing undue strain upon these very groups.   Put the pieces together with a certain degree of logic and a picture which has been largely ignored soon appears.  Rising housing prices are driving minorities out of many areas in which they were well established.  The reason: building restrictions and bans have become the norm in the name of environmental concerns.  The insistence of an ever increasing minimum wage assures a high rate of unemployment among minority youth.  Obamacare is dependant upon forcing the young to buy into the program.  When the median age of Hispanics is 27 and that group is expected to comprise 30% of the population in the future, where will the greatest burden of Obamacare fall?  It makes for good politics to talk about helping certain groups, but it matters little when the net effect of the Democratic platform is negative toward those same groups of Americans.  It is time that we stopped thinking in groups and began to focus on America.

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