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Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

Thursday, September 15th, 2011

Romney and Perry argue over just who has created the most jobs.  Obama is out telling the nation that Congress should just “pass it now”, in reference to a $400 billion spending (oops, jobs) bill.  Still largely overlooked by all, is the very basic concept that government does not and never has, created jobs.  Jobs result only from the successful operation of a business.  This brings forward two very important points which all potential voters should consider. 

1.  If jobs result from successful business, what is the measure of whether a business is successful?  Those actively involved in daily business endeavors, like you or me, would immediately state that a business is successful when it generates a profit (i.e. makes money).  A profitable business maintains employment and leads to further employment through expansion.  If we are accurate, why then does every action of government attempt to limit, control, or exploit the profits of American business?  Tax rates, regulation, and interference work in opposition to the success of American business.  Simply stated, If I cannot profit from my business, I will not hire.  If I cannot profit, I will not expand my business.  If I cannot profit, why should I work at all?

2.  If our other “conservative” candidates truly understand this principle, why do they continue to tout their own record of job creation?  Do these candidates sincerely believe that they, as chief executive of a state or as a member of Congress, actually created jobs?  If so, they share the mindset of the current administration which they claim to oppose.  If not, then they are playing upon the ignorance of many voters.  A true conservative record will reflect an individual who held government at bay.  A great leader will place the credit of job creation where it should be and will not foster ignorance for the sake of election.