About Jared

Jared Blankeship was born in Abilene, Texas in August of 1970. He is the son of Morris and Sondra Blankenship, both former public school teachers in Fort Worth, Texas before returning to the family farm.

Jerod Blankenship

Jared attended school from K-12 at the small rural school in Adrian, Texas where he learned the value of community. He graduated as salutatorian in 1989. Jared enrolled at Abilene Christian University as a pre-med student. After 3 years, he decided that medicine was not where he desired to be. He changed focus and quickly obtained the credits necessary to earn a Texas teaching certificate and graduated from ACU in 1993.

Jared accepted a teaching and coaching position in Electra, Texas. Here he taught high school biology and chemistry. He also coached basketball, football, tennis and baseball while in Electra. During this time he met and soon married Sheri who was also finishing her education degree. Together they lived in Electra for about 3 years. His time in education and coaching reinforced his belief that one’s character and education are the greatest assets of any individual.

In 1996, Jared and Sheri pursued an opportunity and returned to the family farm in Hereford. Jared managed the family farming operation and Sheri taught math at Hereford Junior High.

Over the years Jared has grown his farming operation into a thriving agricultural business of almost 8000 acres of land. He understands that no business survives without hard work and perseverance. The management of this business has meant using and perfecting both management and business skills. As the margins in farming are both small and uncertain, he has learned to closely monitor costs while still maintaining efficiency. The capital expenditure of production agriculture is great, as are the risks. Jared has spent the greater portion of his life managing these risks, while successfully growing a large scale farming operation.

Today’s agriculture, by its very nature, is closely connected to the industries of energy, finance, foreign trade, and even national security. Jared has developed a working knowledge of these industries not only in his own business but also as it affects our nation.

Production agriculture is also a volatile business in terms of weather, markets and personnel. This volatility demands clarity of mind. Jared has shown the ability to define the real problem and break that problem down into manageable components. It has also prompted flexibility in approach, while maintaining core objectives. Jared has developed these characteristics not out of convenience but rather as a matter of survival.

His wife, Sheri, is an Assistant Superintendent for Hereford ISD, in charge of personnel and Federal programs. Now married 16 years, they have two children; a son 10 and a daughter 7. They are equally active in their children’s education and activities. Coaching youth sports and showing animals provide ample opportunity to be involved with their children.

Jared and Sheri attend Central Church of Christ in Hereford, Texas where Jared is a deacon and frequent bible class teacher. He also preaches on a part time basis for his home congregation the Adrian Church of Christ. Preaching has allowed Jared to develop communication skills in a public venue, but has also provided insight toward presenting conviction and truth to those who may be resistant or apathetic. More importantly, it has reinforced a foundation of values, morals, and accountability which are not only Christian in nature but also represent the heart and soul of our nation.

Jared has served on the board of directors of the Deaf Smith County Farm Bureau for several years and has been active in pursuing the concerns of agriculture by influencing the Federal government’s policies. He has served as President of the Board for a small agri-business corporation, taught America’s youth, and led in his community and church. These diverse experiences have produced characteristics and skills which are both well-rounded and trial-tested.